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R. Nafisa Adams

Detiina means “Our Hope” in Kasem, a language spoken by the people of Paga, located in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Detiina is a social enterprise that supports its sister organization, Beads of Hope (BoH), through economically empowering women and girls in rural communities across the country by training and employing them to create beautiful handcrafted accessories. We warmly welcome you to Detiina and encourage you to be the hope.


To serve as a social enterprise
that will help fight poverty
in rural communities.


To create opportunities for women living in rural and impoverished communities, in Ghana, to earn an alternative source of income by learning, developing and applying local skills in a sustainable way. We aspire to help reduce poverty among women, especially those living in rural villages in the Upper East Region of Ghana, by providing each woman with the proper resources to strive towards a better life. We hope to empower them economically and give them the confidence to create a positive change in their own lives and of those of future generations.

Background of Business.

Detiina was inspired by Nafisa’s personal life experiences. As a woman from an underprivileged background in the rural community of Paga, she was able to fund her university education through making and selling beaded bracelets. Nafisa is now an educated, empowered woman who wants to help bring a better life to those in need. She is committed to the economic empowerment of rural women through training and employing them to create handcrafted products.

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